Congratulations, Mama! 

The goal of Prenatal Pilates and Fitness is to keep you feeling active, strong, and ready for labor, recovery, and life with your new bundle. We focus on abdominal and pelvic floor strength and release as well as appropriate exercises for your body. You might even find that prenatal Pilates and fitness is a great preparation for labor as we will touch on comfort measures and breathing techniques.

*Always work out with trainers that are specifically knowledgeable in the changes your body experiences during pregnancy and LISTEN to your own body's cues. Please consult your doctor if you have specific questions, or are planning to begin a new exercise regimen. 

"I am eternally grateful that your prenatal classes got me in shape before my little girl Clara came. I lost a lot of muscle mass on bedrest the last two weeks of that pregnancy, and I always felt so thankful I at least increased my strength in your classes the couple months prior to giving birth!" -Christine 


You did it, Mama! 

The goal of Postpartum Pilates and Fitness is to start building up your strength for taking care of yourself and your beautiful baby. Remember that recovery is a process and we will start gradually with breath work and isolations of specific muscle groups. The focus will be placed on abdominal and pelvic floor strength. A typical Postpartum assessment will include checking for diastasis recti, discussion about how your body is feeling, how you are managing the physical demands of daily living, and finally abdominal and pelvic floor activation exercises. Please remember that everyone is different regarding when they feel ready to resume exercise. Short postpartum consultations are available to all new Mamas, but full exercise sessions should be reserved for when you are given the "all clear" by your doctor and when you FEEL READY to increase activity.